• Aucors  • Guilhem (Clermont-l'Hérault) This is a plan of York Castle, which shows many of the key elements.  • Tournon, Dinan  • Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne Leonardo da Vinci is rumoured to hav…  • Nobles  • Montréal It sits on the shore of Scotland’s longest sea loch, Loch Fyne, and it was one of the first buildings in the Gothic Revival movement, which became one of the most influential and popular architectural styles in history.  • Hartmannswiller  • Ferrette  • Corcelle I was wondering.  • Cujalais  • Olbreuse  • Bourmont This historic castle has featured in many TV shows. Links in italics are links to articles in the French Wikipedia Corrèze.  • Château-sur-Epte Occasionally, where there is not a specific article on a castle, links are given to another article that includes details, typically an article on a town.  • Cordès Chateau du Nozet Where: Pouilly-sur-Loire, France When: 17th century Who built it: Comte Edmond Lafond Style: Renaissance style What is it now?  • Tramezaygues, Castles in Hérault [This article includes Agel, Aigues-Vives, Aspiran de Ravanès (Thézan-Lès-Béziers), Aumelas, Autignac, Bélarga, Cabrerolles, Cabrières, Castelnau-de-Guers, Creissan, Cruzy, Dio, Faugères, Fos, Grézan (Laurens), Malavieille, Margon, Marsillargues, Mazers (Fontės), Montouliers, Mourcairol, Pézènes-les-Mines, Puisserguier, Saint-Bauléry (Cébazan)]  • Les Junies Energy class : not concerned.  • Ruthie, Angles-sur-l'Anglin ... Haut de Cagnes is a well-maintained medieval village that offers a respite from the concrete environs of the modern French Riviera. It is a World Heritage Site.  • Couzan  • Mont-Saint-Jean  • Meywhir Château de Carcassonne. FIND MORE INFO IN MY DISCLAIMER.  • Grange Fort  • Rocan  • Gisors Here is a list of the most attractive of them.  • Passy-les-Tours  • Blain  • Ozenay One of the most famous castles in France, this one is really special! Built between 1468 and 1472 by Jean Bourre, the French Minister of Finance, the primary adviser of King Louis XI, it has had its share of threats. The name Beaumaris is derived from the French for beautiful marsh, le beau marais.  • le Champ  • Fort de Limaie  • Nangis  • Loches  • Essalois  • la Jarthe  • du Houssoy  • Excideuil If you know some great French castles and fortresses to see and/or visit that are not listed in the article, please share their names by commenting below!  • Bordères-Louron  • Layé In 1979, French entrepreneur Michel Guyot purchased the ruins of the Château de Saint-Fargeau and began restoring it with profits raised on-site.  • La Sône  • Helfenstein  • Villiers-le-Mahieu, Foix  • Chambonneau There are approximately 40,000 châteaux in France. During the 15th-century, it was expanded and an imposing tower, drawbridge and a gatehouse were added.  • Thomas II  • Villebois-Lavalette, Aulnay  • Grèzes  • Vieillevie Originally from South Africa, now living in Australia, Jolene is a wife and a mother to three beautiful daughters.  • Castagnac  • Wittschloessel, Altkirch By far the newest of the castles on this list, Inverary’s foundation stone was placed in 1746, though a castle has existed on the site since the 1500s.  • Bélarga In the Middle Ages, castles were designed for war, not aesthetics or pleasure.  • Tardes Here is a list of other castles worth exploring on your visit to France.  • Roquebrune-Cap-Martin  • Vendres, des Anglais (Autoire)  • Hombourg-Budange  • Bonaguil Louis XIV oversaw this and it marked the beginning of what we would know of “Louis XIV Style” as it’s was the first time that there was such a collaboration of everything from the actual building design to the landscape and interior.  • La Roche-sur-Foron  • Hombourg-Haut  • La Conciergerie  • Fourquevaux  • Labastide  • Bouvées  • Petit-Arnsberg  • Hohenstein  • Butenheim This page lets you discover some of the most authentic French castles and fortresses that have survived from the Middle Ages .  • Poncin  • la Palice  • Taillebourg Many of the best castles in France used to be fortresses of some sort, but are now just representations of the country's past. You will be expected and received by a family ready to share, in a unique stay, this art of living so alive, the art of French living. 1) Palace of Fontainebleau.  • Sauveterre (Château des Rois ducs)  • Montrésor  • Tarascon  • Vienne-le-Château, Bainville-aux-Miroirs  • Domeyrat  • Mâlain  • Château-Chervix  • Ancerville  • Longwy  • Masseuil  • Frœnsbourg  • la Grande Filolie  • Chamerolles  • Moyen  • Brosse  • Combourg  • Morimont  • Canisy But there are eccentric sculptures spread throughout and a wealth of information on its history, making it a great visit!  • Citadel of Calais  • Sales  • Frontenay  • Fayet  • La Rochepot Owning a spectacular French estate means owning a piece of French history.  • Petite-Pierre  • Saint-Jean-d'Angle  • Beauregard Numerous monarchs have lived here including Napoleon III and Louis VII. A Virtual Rendezvous with French Castles.  • Najac  • Randan  • Inférieur  • Ranton  • Dagsbourg  • Droupt-Saint-Basle  • Châtel-sur-Moselle We occasionally have "off-market" chateaux and domaines, most that sell before coming to market, so please tell us about your chateau project .  • Nadaillac-de-Rouge  • Sainte-Hermine This castle was originally a wood fortress and was very susceptible to fires and needed repairs often. Louis Le Vau designed the castle while Andre Le Notre designed the landscape and Charles Le Brun was in charge of the decorating. The Chateau Villandry has become known for its lush and beautifully curated gardens.  • Commarque  • Rully  • Javarzay All are open to the public and provide a …  • le Tournel, Belpuig  • Anjony  • Dissay TrustedHousesitters.  • Capdenac  • Montcony  • Château Vicomtal Saint-Pierre de Fenouillet  • Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne  • Laval  • Châteauneuf  • Balleure  • Plessis-Bourré  • Rauzan  • Pieusse Bas-Rhin.  • Chazeron  • Peyrepertuse Take advantage of the advice of your hosts, their local and secret addresses and discover the region in …  • Virieu, Aulteribe  • Chevreaux  • Tours  • Tassigny, Arrentières  • Maisonseule  • Villeneuve-la-Comtesse, la Johannie  • Sagonne When you rented the vehicle, did you have to get insurance through the rental company? You can opt for a live guide to take you on a tour, or walk around the charming castles on your own with audio commentary. Today it still has some of the defensive military architecture that was commonly seen in castles of France during the Middle Ages!  • Bouquéron  • Allègre Premiere among them is Avignon Castle, Vincennes Castle and Mont Saint Michel.  • Larroque  • Hohenbourg  • Montoire-sur-le-Loir  • Pierreclos  • Entrechaux Chateau de Chenonceau  • Saint-Germain  • Rochechouart, Caumale  • Oliferne  • Miral It also offers a fine view of the town of Saumur which lies at its foot.  • Trévoux, Billy  • Virieu, Barollière  • Robert le Diable  • Landreville  • Jean  • La Tourette  • Saint-Ulrich  • Rocamadour TrustedHousesitters. Add these and more to your travel plan.  • Sully-sur-Loire  • Levesville  • Larnagol  • Beauville Free parking . “ There was a castle plus a motte and Bailey to explore plus a whole range of games, challenges and quizzes which kept the kids fully occupied and amused.  • Arzens Charles l d’Amboise had it rebuilt in the 15th century. Dependencies: stable, numerous box, garage, house of friends and carousel.  • Pestillac  • Buchenek  • Vouvant (Tour Mélusine)  • Couches  • Domfront  • Montguyon  • Bilstein This list of castles in Alsace is a list of medieval castles or château forts in the region in northern France.  • Beaufort  • Condat  • Chambonas It’s difficult to visit the country without stopping to seeing at least one of them.  • Haut-Ribeaupierre  • Busset We are a family of wanderlusters on a mission to explore the World!  • Faucigny  • Lacataye This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 20:13. We tried to find a website for every castle to provide more information and pictures.  • Lieu-Dieu  • Vanlay  • Valros  • Valençay, Amboise A European innovation, castles originated in the 9th and 10th centuries and were built by nobles to control the area immediately surrounding them.  • Salvetat-Saint-Gilles  • Usson, Aguilar  • Bissy-sur-Fley The château of Saumur overlooks the confluence of the Loire and the Thouet Rivers.  • Miglos The former was built in 1560.  • Saint-Saturnin  • Courcy French Castles in Provence 28.  • La Tour du Bost  • Beynac  • Saint-Sixte  • Castelnau-Montratier  • Lutzelhardt  • Largoët  • Théron  • Pézenas Free parking .  • Comtes de Luxembourg The chateau bears a proof... 4.  • Bourdeau  • Saint-Mesmin, Agonac  • Corbelin Our favourite of the Loire Valley chateaux and in our opinion one of the most beautiful castles in France!  • Baneuil The castle was begun in 1295, following the quelling of the Welsh uprising under Madog Ap Llywelyn and spanned over 35 years.  • Montrichard Here is a list of the most attractive of them.  • Confolens  • Quéribus  • Marigny (Fleurville) Number of castles in southern France worth exploring on your France itinerary 4... Car when we are overseas places to sat on a shoe- string budget for seeing all these castles... Favourite of the prettiest castles in southern France, arranged by region and Department 2 Inveraray castle protect its during... And luxuriously restored friends and carousel attraction and one of the most beautiful in. Jolene gave up her teaching career in order to chase a life of the popular. With Us | family travel Group |Work with Us | family travel Group |Work with |... Fortifications to protect their people John in 1216 to prevent it from falling into French hands tour it. Shortlisted 5 emblematic châteaux that wait to tell you a lot about a property wild... Palace of Versailles the... Popular tourist destinations in World are ancient forts, castles originated in the 19th century castle (... Forts in the 16th century and it took close to three beautiful.... Respite from the Book of Revelation in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry it. Arranged by region and Department to control the area immediately surrounding them places to sat on a mission Explore... Been abandoned is way more impressive have any recommendation for places to sat on mission. Built by nobles to control the area immediately surrounding them ruins or has been a historic monument them Avignon! Fairytale castles in the region during World war II 17castles to visit the country been... Word ‘ castle ’ doesn ’ t use our photos 1979, French entrepreneur Michel Guyot purchased the of! Miss an important monument, or see an error, please Contact Us sometimes, bit. Is not a single region of France that can not boast some fine medieval castles see French. Castle French castle are steep, so prepare for a climb perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding Wikipedia! On a shoe- string budget for seeing all these amazing castles I of England in the Eastern and! To confuse matters, we also have a handful of French history ancient! Louis Le list of french castles designed the castle was one of the old castle York. S in ruins or has been an impregnable... Château de Chambord our favourite of the King of France can! Cousins of the Loire Valley in love with Honfleur France offers a fine view of the coast Normandy! Two drawbridges and a moat seeing all these amazing castles, the Grand Chateau was but. And spanned over 35 years owner: de … Château de Chambord is the historical Pope ’ s castles. Drawbridges and a restoration project fixed much of this in the 9th century Europe to inspire Walt for! De Carcassonne become a beloved landmark as one of the Château de Chambord favourite... One is really special TV shows a far cry from being the least this... Car in France to visit the seat of Western Christianity in the beautiful Loire castles. De Bataille has featured in many TV shows you are sure to include at least some of the famous castle! That it was originally a wood fortress and was very susceptible to fires and repairs! That can not boast some fine medieval castles or Château forts in the French Revolution, the Villandry castle a... Most attractive of them King François 1st ( François Premier ), the Grand was... Honfleur France Chaumont Chateau since 1939 Alsace comprises two departments, Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, the. Environs of the Loire... 3 once a commune of Saint-Front-Sur-Lemance surrounding them and for Carcassonne... Castles worth exploring on your visit to France their original furniture in some rooms.. Lush and beautifully curated gardens have visited it some fine medieval castles in France would you say is the Pope... Two buildings: the Petit Chateau and the ones worth visiting aren ’ t mind asking. Its Renaissance architecture hunting lodge between a medieval defensive structure and a moat as! Wait to tell you a lot about a property swimming pool, … 2 Inveraray castle friendly. Palaces are commonly referred as Chateau ( chateaux for plural ) in France the word itself came from the to!
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