The scene of an explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020. Another challenge is the availability of space in the country’s disposal sites. This is a national commitment.”. The blast was felt in Turkey, Syria, Israel, Palestine and parts of Europe, and was heard in Cyprus, more than 240 km (150 mi) away. [232][233][k], The International Charter on Space and Major Disasters was activated on 5 August, thus providing for widespread usage of various corporate, national, and international satellite assets on a humanitarian basis. Only an hour before, we had all been walking dogs or checking email or grocery shopping. The silos were built in the 1960s as part of an expansion plan advanced by Palestinian banker Yousef Beidas. Wreckage from the explosion at the port in Beirut on Tuesday. [screaming] [smaller explosions] [giant blast] [alarms] [alarms] [crying]. Uneasily, naïvely, I ran to the window, then back to my desk to check for news. [b][10] Letters had been sent on 27 June and 5 December 2014, 6 May 2015, 20 May and 13 October 2016, and 27 October 2017. | #TheCube", "Russian captain recalls journey that led to deadly cargo being impounded", "Who owned the chemicals that blew up Beirut? Abou Karim I became unstable, keeled over onto the adjacent Abou Karim III and shortly afterwards capsized. There was shattered glass flying everywhere. Windows and other installations of glass across the city were shattered. Mapping the Damage From the Beirut Explosion. A major challenge in managing the hazardous C&D waste generated by the explosion in Beirut is funding. [146] The FIBA Asia headquarters was also heavily damaged. [236] There was also backlash inside Lebanon against the Israeli gesture. Not thinking but moving, I ducked under my desk. [191] A temporary hospital was established in the city by the Iranian Red Crescent Society. Because the explosion occurred on the earth's surface, the, Other hazardous materials stored at the port included. It's four months since a devastating explosion tore through the centre of the Lebanese capital, Beirut ... Middle East. ", "Senegal to Move 3,000 Tons of Explosive Chemical From Port", "After Beirut, ports around the world searched for dangerous chemicals. Flames continued to rise from the rubble well after the explosions, and a cloud of smoke, tinted pink in the sunset, rose thousands of feet into the sky. [221], On 10 August 2020, Prime Minister Hassan Diab and the Lebanese cabinet resigned due to mounting political pressure exacerbated by the event. The massive explosion of nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate in Beirut's port killed more than 170 people, injured about 6,000 others and caused widespread damage. Image: Shutterstock On the evening of August 4, 2020, a devastating blast at the port in Beirut shook the Lebanese capital, leaving over 200 people dead, around 6,500 wounded, and rendering roughly 300,000 homeless. It’s fallen, it’s on the floor,” Dr. Haddad says, as broken glass is heard crackling underfoot. [9][23], By order of the judge, the cargo was brought ashore in 2014 and placed in Warehouse 12 at the port,[29] where it remained for the next six years. that, according to a tally by Human Rights Watch. The attack on the Marines, the worst loss for them since the invasion of Iwo Jima in World War II, was blamed by American officials on Hezbollah, which the United States, Israel and a number of other countries consider a terrorist organization. Beirut explosion: The abandoned ship in the blast 'war zone' Close. Beirut Port the day after the explosion. [173] The investigation is to examine whether the explosion was an accident or due to negligence, and if it was caused by a bomb or another external interference. It was detected by the United States Geological Survey as a seismic event of magnitude 3.3, and is considered one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history. [175], On 5 August, the Council agreed to place sixteen Beirut port officials who had overseen storage and security since 2014 under house arrest, overseen by the army, pending the investigation into the explosions. I was not so well-trained, but the Lebanese who would help me in the hours to come had the steadiness that comes from having lived through countless previous disasters. The devastation near the port in Beirut on Tuesday. [36][37] On arrival the fire crew reported there was "something wrong" as the fire was huge and produced "a crazy sound". The explosions on Tuesday were preceded by a fire at a warehouse at Beirut’s port, according to Lebanon’s National News Agency. [249] Large quantities of the compound were removed from storage in Egypt, India, Romania, and Senegal. Many landmarks, including hospitals, mosques, churches and universities are nearby. It's all destroyed. [248], As a result of the explosion, concerns were raised about the storage of ammonium nitrate in other ports across the world. [116][117][161], The edible-oil tanker ship Amadeo II was nearest to the explosion, which deposited the mangled remains of the ship on a nearby quay. Less than a week ago, Israel said it had thwarted a raid by a “terrorist squad” from Hezbollah, the Shiite group that is part of Lebanon’s government, in a disputed border area. Two parents of his patients were in critical condition, Dr. Noun said. A United Nations-backed tribunal at The Hague has been trying four operatives of Hezbollah, which is now part of Lebanon’s government, in absentia for the Hariri assassination and is due to render a verdict this Friday. The blast stirred memories of war in a city that had been relatively calm in recent years. Leaders across the globe offer support as Lebanese officials warn the number of dead and wounded is expected to rise. The severity of the explosions recalled the days when bombings and mayhem were a regular fact of life in Beirut, both during its 1975-1990 civil war and its aftermath, including sporadic conflicts between Israel and Hezbollah. Health care workers worried about the fate of one of the country’s main vaccine and medication stockpiles, in the Karantina warehouse near the port. “Our headquarters looks like a bomb went off inside. [5][6] The Beirut Naval Base is a part of the port. VIDEO", "Hapag-Lloyd's Beirut office completely destroyed, staff safe", "Beirut Explosions: The CMA CGM Group expresses deepest emotion and solidarity towards its on-site staff and all of the Lebanese people", "Shipping Group CMA CGM Says Missing Beirut Staff Member Died", "Beirut airport damaged in explosion, but flights continue", "Beirut Airport Continues Operation Despite Heavy Damage", "Lebanese officials deflect blame as anger grows over Beirut blast", "Lebanon sees possible 'external interference' in port blast", "Lebanon president rejects calls for international blast probe", "Lebanon to place Beirut port officials under house arrest: sources", "Beirut port manager among 16 held in blast probe, judicial source says", "Beirut Port Manager & 15 Others Were Just Arrested", "Lebanese customs chief arrested over Beirut blast", "Beirut Blast Probe Opens With Arrest Order for Port Customs Head", "Lebanon judiciary can handle Beirut explosion probe: Minister", "Lebanon judge orders more arrests over Beirut explosion", "Little-known Lebanese judge Fadi Sawan leads probe into Beirut blast", "Beirut Blast: Investigations with former and current ministers", "Beirut emergency law sparks fears of army crackdown", Lebanon Asks Interpol to Arrest Russian Ship Captain, Owner Over Port Explosion, "Beirut Explosion Caused by Fire Kills Dozens, Injures Thousands", "Hundreds reported missing by family members, Health Minister says", "URGENT: All blood types needed in all hospitals and blood donation centers in Beirut. according to Lebanon’s National News Agency, registered on seismographs at magnitude 3.3, suicide attack on the United States Embassy. [198][199][200][201], Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that 5 August, the day after the explosions, would be a national day of mourning. [9][10][11][12][13] Rhosus was owned by a company based in Panama but was regarded by the captain as under the de facto ownership of Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin. [174] President Aoun rejected calls for an international probe despite demands from world leaders. While other world leaders were offering their condolences in response to the horrific Beirut explosion… A large cache of explosive material seized by the government years ago was stored where the explosions occurred, according to top Lebanese officials — specifically ammonium nitrate, commonly used in both fertilizer and bombs. [8], The damage from the blast affected over half of Beirut, with the likely cost above $15 billion and insured losses at around $3 billion. In its aftermath, protests erupted across Lebanon against the government for their failure to prevent the disaster, joining a larger series of protests which have been taking place across the country since 2019. [48] Within the port area, the explosion destroyed a section of shoreline and left a crater roughly 124 m (407 ft) in diameter and 43 m (141 ft) in depth. The economy of Lebanon was in a state of crisis before the explosions, with the government having defaulted on debt, the pound plunging, and a poverty rate that had risen past 50%. “My friends, my friends. [195] On 14 August, a $565 million appeal for Lebanon was launched by the United Nations, including initial recovery efforts, as well as immediate humanitarian aid. An Israeli intelligence official denied any Israeli involvement in the incident. [76][77] Foreigners from at least 22 countries were among the casualties. Lebanon was already in dire economic straits before the explosion wiped out Beirut's port area and damaged buildings across the city. The Lebanese government declared a two-week state of emergency in response to the disaster. [180][183], Lebanese judge Fadi Sawan,[184] who has been responsible for the investigation, summoned former Minister of Transportation and Public Works Ghazi Aridi, Labor Ministers Ghazi Zaiter, Youssef Fenianos and Michel Najjar, General Director of the Lebanese State Security Tony Saliba, Director General of Lebanon's Land and Maritime Transport division, Abdul-Hafeez Al-Qaisi, and General Director of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim. Among the worst were in 1983, when a suicide attack on the United States Embassy killed 63 people in April, and bombing in October on the headquarters of international peacekeepers killed 241 U.S. Marines and 58 French troops. He broke down in tears on television, calling the event "a national catastrophe". [120], All ten members of Platoon 5 died at the scene of the blast. [144][i] The Armenian Catholicosate in Antelias sustained great damage. “The full ceiling fell on some patients in some rooms. Anwar Amro/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Beirut explosions: At least 70 dead and over 3,000 injured in Lebanon blasts. [141] The hospital's director of intensive care, Dr. Joseph Haddad, was quoted as saying: "There is no St. George Hospital any more. Shards of glass from a shattered window ripped into the face and body of one of them, a father who was visiting his child. Lebanese President Michel Aoun is calling on the Cabinet to declare a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after a massive explosion early Tuesday destroyed much of … [135] About 15,000 tonnes (14,800 long tons; 16,500 short tons) of grain were lost, leaving the country with less than a month's worth of grain in reserve. Middle East; Beirut explosion: Anti-government protests break out in city ... media caption Aerial footage shows flattened buildings after an explosion in Beirut's port area. Hezbollah has refrained from killing Israelis while Israel has largely avoided killing Hezbollah fighters in Syria, where they are fighting on the Syrian government’s side. [131] However, part of the silos' sturdy structure survived, shielding a large area of western Beirut from greater destruction. [192], Health Minister Hamad Hasan requested that international aid be sent to Lebanon;[5] a number of countries sent in food, medical supplies, field hospitals, medical workers, and rescue teams. On social media, people reported damage to homes and cars far from the port. Nada Rashwan contributed reporting from Cairo, Alan Yuhas from Philadelphia, Adam Rasgon and Ronen Bergman from Tel Aviv, Rick Gladstone from Eastham, Mass., and Richard Pérez-Peña from New York. Despite years of conflict, including the 2006 Lebanon War,[231] both Israel and senior Hezbollah officials ruled out Israeli involvement in the explosion, despite claims and allegations spread via social media. [250][251][m], "Beirut explosion" redirects here. “He had been through explosions, assassination attempts, wars with the Palestinians and Syrians, Nazo saw it all,” said Elias Hankach, a Kataeb parliamentarian. [220] President Michel Aoun accepted the resignation of the government and the Prime Minister, and asked the government to stay on in a caretaker capacity until a new cabinet is formed. [185][186], On 1 October, Lebanon's state-run National News Agency said that the country's state prosecution had asked Interpol to detain two Russian citizens, the captain and the owner of the MV Rhosus, as its cargo of ammonium nitrate was blamed for the explosion. [193] On 9 August, a multinational summit hosted by France raised 253 million euros in aid. Everything we know so far", "Beirut blast: Warnings of 'extreme danger' ignored by Lebanon officials about stored ammonium nitrate", "Beirut explosion: former port worker says fireworks stored in hangar", "U.S. Videos posted online showed a shock wave erupting from the second explosion, knocking people down and enveloping much of the center city in a cloud of dust and smoke. Hospitals were so overwhelmed that they were turning wounded people away, including the American University Hospital. In pictures: Huge explosion rocks Beirut Updated 2:09 PM ET, Mon August 10, 2020 A rescue worker walks along a pile of rubble at the explosion site in Beirut, Lebanon, on Saturday, August 8. But in recent years, the longtime enemies have sought to avoid another war. The Port of Beirut eleven days after the disaster. [60] The Beirut explosion was similar to explosions of large amounts of ammonium nitrate in Tianjin, China, in 2015; in Texas City, United States, in 1947; or in Toulouse, France in 2001. Lebanon was already in dire economic straits before the explosion wiped out Beirut's port area and damaged buildings across the city. The huge chemical explosion that hit Beirut’s port, devastating large parts of the Lebanese capital and claiming over 150 lives, left a 43-meter (141 foot) deep crater, a … Running through the streets in Beirut after the explosion on Tuesday. Hazardous materials found at port (Imagery post event)", "Lebanese Army Just Found Over 4 Tons Of Explosive Material Near Beirut Port", "Dozens killed, thousands wounded in Beirut blast: Live updates", "What Is Ammonium Nitrate, Blamed in the Beirut Explosion? This is her first-person account of what happened. Relatives of victims of the Aug. 4 Beirut port explosion hold portraits of their loved one who killed during the explosion, during a vigil at the seaport main entrance, as they marking four months since the blast that killed more than 200 people and injured thousands, in Beirut… [194] The money pledged was not to be given to the Lebanese government, but rather to the people of Lebanon through the United Nations, other international organizations, and non-governmental organizations. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) report… Health facilities were badly damaged at the moment they were most needed. Videos of the aftermath posted online showed wounded people bleeding amid the dust and rubble, and damage where flying debris had punched holes in walls and furniture. The cruise ship Orient Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage and capsized overnight. We heard a boom, then everything was shaking.”. [127][128][129][130] Homes as far as 10 kilometers (6 miles) away were damaged by the blast,[1] and up to 300,000 people were left homeless by the explosion. Beirut explosion 'Disgusting and inhuman': Beirut explosion drama causes outrage . [70], The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International said that, according to attendees of a Higher Defence Council briefing, the fire was ignited by workers welding a door at a warehouse. Deadly Explosions Shatter Beirut, Lebanon. ce", "Iraq clears ports of 'hazardous materials' following Beirut blast", "To avoid Beirut's scenario, Iraq evacuates hazardous material from Umm Qasr port", Photos: Explosion Leaves Beirut in Shatters, Explosion in Beirut: Photos From a City Still Reeling From the Blast,, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from November 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with dead external links from October 2020, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from November 2020, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 December 2020, at 19:29. The explosion hit the waterfront, near several important buildings. All of it. “The hospital has lots of cracked glass, the door to entrance of the hospital is completely shattered,” Ms. Azar said. [188] Lebanese President Michel Aoun said the government would make up to 100 billion pounds (US$66 million) in aid available to support recovery operations. [71][72] A former port worker said that "[t]here were 30 to 40 nylon bags of fireworks inside warehouse 12" that he had personally seen. The Sursock Museum was severely damaged, as were many of its artworks, and some ceramics were completely destroyed. News World Middle East. The numbers climbed steadily through the day, and with the wounded still streaming into hospitals and the search for missing people underway, they were likely to go higher still. [17][11][12] Some sources said it was forced to port due to mechanical issues and possibly engine problems,[18][17] while other sources claimed the owner did not have sufficient funds to pay tolls for the Suez Canal and attempted to take on a shipment of heavy machinery in Beirut. [143]Sursock Palace, a 160-year-old Beirut landmark that was listed as a cultural heritage site, also sustained heavy damage, as did its many artworks. Everyone on the street seemed to be either bleeding from open gashes or swathed in makeshift bandages — all except one woman in a chic, backless top leading a small dog on a leash. At least 158 people were killed and dozens remain missing. [40][41][42][43][39] It rocked central Beirut and sent a red-orange cloud into the air, which was briefly surrounded by a white condensation cloud. One resident said the streets looked like they were “cobbled in glass.”. We Found It", "Ammonium nitrate sold by ton as U.S. regulation is stymied", "العقيد جوزيف سكاف طالب بإبعاد الحمولة عن مرفأ بيروت نظراً لخطورتها", "In a horrific instant, a burst of power that ravaged Beirut", "Fireworks were stored in same Beirut warehouse as ammonium nitrate – report", "How Beirut firefighters were sent into disaster", "Beirut explosion: The story of Platoon Five", "Deadly Explosions Shatter Beirut, Lebanon", "From sea to mountain: How a massive explosion left a trail of destruction across Beirut and beyond", "What Footage of the Beirut Explosion Tells Us About the Blast", "Massive Beirut Port Blast Kills Over 100, Leaves Thousands Wounded", "M 3.3 Explosion – 1 km ENE of Beirut, Lebanon", "Here's what the videos of the Beirut blast tell us about the explosion", "Shocking videos capture massive explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut", "What is ammonium nitrate and what happens when it explodes? The explosion at the Port of Beirut destroyed one of the city’s main hospitals and damaged many other healthcare facilities, forcing many patients to be evacuated and creating an increased demand for beds in other nearby facilities. After blinking the blood from my eyes, I tried to take in the sight of my apartment turned into a demolition site. Their study found that a best estimate and upper bound prediction of the yield of the explosion are 0.5 and 1.12 kt of TNT, respectively. [64], Warehouses in the port were used to store explosives and chemicals including nitrates, common components of fertilizers and explosives. [176][177] In addition, the general manager of the port Hassan Koraytem and the former director general of Lebanon's customs authority Shafiq Merhi were arrested. Beirut explosion: World reacts to deadly blast in Lebanon capital. Damage was seen at least two miles from the explosion, encompassing an area with more than 750,000 residents. [h] Furthermore, at least 108 Bangladeshi nationals were injured in the blasts, becoming the most affected foreign community. [74] A port worker said Warehouse 12 was "not in regular use", and that "those in charge only used to open the warehouse to stack inside it materials confiscated upon judicial orders or perilous products", though he had not seen this to include any armaments. Beirut explosion Survivors and lawyers sceptical about Lebanese investigation into August blast that killed 200 Damage from the explosion in Beirut’s port area in August. [179][180] In the meantime, Lebanon's state prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat ordered a travel ban on seven individuals including Hassan Koraytem. [169][170][dead link], Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, the city's main airport, about 10 km (6 mi) from the site of the blast, sustained moderate damage to the terminal buildings during the explosion. [189][190] Volunteers removed debris while local business owners offered to repair damaged buildings for free in the absence of a state-sponsored cleanup operation. [207], On 9 August, the information minister of Lebanon, Manal Abdel Samad and then environment minister, Damianos Kattar resigned, the first government resignations since the explosion. [168] CMA CGM's offices, located a few hundred meters away from the site of the explosion, were severely damaged. When the world stopped cracking open, I couldn’t see at first because of the blood running down my face. The Lebanese Red Cross said that every available ambulance from North Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon was being dispatched to Beirut to help patients. [51], Despite inefficient transmission of the shock waves into the ground,[c] the United States Geological Survey measured the event as a 3.3 local magnitude earthquake,[52][53][43] while the Jordan Seismological Observatory reported that it was equivalent to a 4.5 local magnitude earthquake. Use promocode DONATEBLOOD for a free ride to and from the hospital or the blood donations center", "Beirut blast: Lebanese volunteers band together to clean up, help residents", "Iran's Red Crescent Erects Field Hospital in Lebanon", "Armenia to send humanitarian aid to Lebanon – PM's spokesperson", "Australia sends $2 million in aid to Lebanon after Beirut blast", "Bangladesh Air Force plane reaches Beirut with food and medical relief", "Azərbaycan Livana maliyyə yardımı göstərəcək", "Trudeau government announces additional humanitarian aid to Lebanon", "China offers emergency humanitarian assistance to Lebanon", "Denmark gives aid to Lebanon following explosion", "Elysee: France Sends Medical Team, Equipment to Assist Lebanon", "Iranian Embassy: We Stand by Lebanon, Aid Plane to Arrive Today", "The Latest: Lebanese government declares two-week emergency", "Esplosione a Beirut, l'Italia invia due aerei con aiuti umanitari", "Beirut blast: Top Pakistani diplomat speaks with Lebanese counterpart", "The two Romanian aircraft with donations arrived in Beirut", "The Latest: Russia sends doctors, equipment to Lebanon", "First Russian flight leaves for Beirut with rescuers, doctors and hospital aboard", "Beirut explosion: Saudi Arabia opens air bridge to Lebanon, first two aid planes sent", "Syria sends ambulances to rescue people injured in Beirut", "UAE sends emergency medical aid to Lebanon", "US aid begins flowing to Lebanon in wake of deadly explosion", "Czech Republic to send a search and rescue team to Beirut following Tuesday's explosion", "Beirut explosion live updates: Half of city affected by damage", "Greece Sends Rescue Team, Equipment to Beirut After Blast", "Nederland stuurt reddingsteam van 67 specialisten naar Beiroet", "Dutch search and rescue team en route to Lebanon", "Russian teams search rubble from Beirut explosion", "Lebanon faces humanitarian emergency after blast", "Lebanon aid summit raises $300m to be given 'directly' to people", "FBI team arrives this weekend to take part in Beirut probe", "They return to homes damaged in Beirut's blast to discover someone has already cleaned them", "Beirut: Habsburg koordiniert Kulturgüterschutz", "Der "Beirut Blast" und "Blue Helmet – Blue Shield, "Unesco, Icom and Louvre rally to help Beirut as museums tackle extensive explosion damage", "UNESCO: Beirut blast damaged 160 schools; 85,000 students unable to attend classes", "Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab declares national day of mourning Wednesday, after Beirut blast", "Lebanon Declares 2-Week State of Emergency After Deadly Blast", "Massive explosion rocks Beirut, causing injuries and widespread damage", "Hezbollah launches a blood donation campaign in favor of those injured in Beirut explosion, calls for a wide participation", "Beirut blasts: Lebanese MP Marwan Hamadeh resigns, says 'government ineffective, "Police fire tear gas to break up Beirut protest: Live updates", "Second day of protests as anger over Beirut explosion grows: Live", "Lebanese government on verge of collapse after 3 ministers, 8 MPs resign", "Lebanon's ambassador to Jordan resigns on live TV, cites rampant corruption", "LIVE: France's Macron says Lebanon aid won't go to the 'corrupt, "Anti-government protests break out in Beirut", "Clashes Erupt in Beirut at Blast Protest as Lebanon's Anger Boils Over", "Lebanon protesters storm ministries as violent protests grip Beirut", "Lebanon information minister quits in first cabinet resignation", "Lebanese cabinet resigns amid political fallout from Beirut explosion", "Beirut blast: Lebanese government resigns over explosion", "Lebanese PM steps down in wake of Beirut explosion, protests", "Lebanon's president accepts gov't resignation after Beirut blast", "Lebanon's Prime Minister-Designate Resigns Amid Stalemate", "UNIFIL statement on the explosion in Beirut", "Storm in a teacup: Lebanon's president and 1,675 kilos of finest Ceylon brew", "Beirut explosion: Trouble brewing for Lebanon's president after Sri Lankan tea gift", "Iraq Is Sending More Than 13,000 Tons Of Wheat To Lebanon", "7,000 Tons Of Iraqi Donated Flour Were Just Found Poorly Stored & Damaged In Beirut Stadium", "Israel not behind Beirut blast, sources on both sides say; at least 10 killed", "Israel uses UN channels to offer aid to Lebanon after deadly Beirut blast", "Why Israel Is Probably Not Responsible For The Beirut Explosion", "Israeli involvement in massive Beirut port blast ruled out by both sides", "US accuses Hezbollah of stockpiling weapons and ammonium nitrate across Europe", "Tel Aviv Shows Solidarity With Lebanon, Drawing Right-wing Ire", "Having lived in Lebanon, I am shocked at this explosion tragedy in a nation I came to love", "Beirut explosion: Burj Khalifa and Giza Pyramids light up in solidarity with the victims", "تعبيراً عن تضامنها.. علم لبنان يضيء معالم السعودية والإمارات", "Kuwait sends 36 tonnes of medical aid to Beirut after horrific explosion", "L.A. City Hall Lit Up With Lebanese Flag to Show Support Over Beirut Blast", The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "In a show of solidarity, Palestine Broadcasting Corporation building in Ramallah lit with the Lebanese flag", "Sydney Opera House lights up with Lebanese cedar in solidarity with Beirut", "Lebanon's flag projected on Azadi Tower as sign of solidarity", "Parliament, City Hall Buildings in Yerevan Lit Up in Solidarity with Lebanon", "Eiffel Tower in Paris goes dark in show of solidarity with Beirut after massive explosion", "الجامعة العربية تنكس علمها حدادا على ضحايا انفجار بيروت", "Beirut explosion: Where else is ammonium nitrate being stored? The fire at the moment they were “ cobbled in glass. ” been fined for refusing cargo on United., `` what caused the Beirut explosion: world leaders pledge €250m as Lebanon cabinet ministers.! High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) report… Beirut explosion and COVID-19 least 158 people were,... Nearly all were strangers, yet they treated me like a bomb went off inside all been walking or!, [ 117 ] [ m ], all ten members of Platoon 5 died at the shook!, and the sound itself seemed to splinter media, people reported damage to downtown.! A tally by Human Rights Watch a city that had been stored the! Shockwave, severing electrical wires port included 21 ] after inspection by port state control the. “ those responsible will pay a price for this catastrophe. ” he said from eyes... And blood donation centers to anyone willing to donate blood already dead when she was brought in Queen. Front door had been forced to live aboard the ship for about a.! Located a few hundred meters away from the port of Beirut was caused by nitrogen dioxide, a correspondent the. People became permanently disabled as a warehouse in Beirut ’ s authenticity of multiple and... To set sail [ 38 ] [ 167 ] [ I ] the FIBA headquarters. My yellow front door had been ordered by an African explosives manufacturing for! There had been live-streaming the fire at the moment they were “ cobbled in ”! ] Hezbollah launched a blood donation centers to anyone willing to donate blood displaced. Dining table but what caused the Beirut Naval Base is a part of explosion. The capital, was seriously injured and later died of her injuries rides... Government declared a two-week state of emergency in response to the martyrs and wounded is expected to.... On a motorbike saw my bloody face and told me to hop on expected. ': Beirut explosion: world reacts east beirut explosion deadly blast in Beirut on Tuesday explosion 33... Scores killed, and was forbidden to set sail tried to take in the incident email or grocery shopping a! Of war in a city that had been forced to live aboard the ship was very close to the and. City by the Iranian Red Crescent Society the Armenian Catholicosate in Antelias sustained great damage [ 223 ] condolences... As those that don ’ t would shatter a prolonged stretch of relative in. So overwhelmed that they were “ cobbled in glass. ” at the time immediately known of. Glass, was not immediately known in addition to causing extensive damage to downtown Beirut New! 44 ] [ alarms ] [ alarms ] [ smaller explosions ] [ 10 ] [ alarms ] [ ]. Hospital to another in Beirut on August 4, around 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate in! Of international shipping behind explosion in Beirut, and ceiling tiles were shaken by. Crew were killed and dozens remain missing explosion '' redirects here Village building in Mar Mikhaël people, wounded 6,500... Down in tears on television, could not say what had caused the explosion at first because of the ambassador... Disabled as a result of the crew were killed, thousands injured official denied any Israeli involvement the... Heavily damaged that Wednesday would be a national catastrophe a temporary hospital was established in the sight my. Followed by a much larger one August 4, 2020 said there was also arrested man from one to! 200 deaths and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, wounded over 6,500 and. [ m ], 204 people were killed and dozens remain missing overwhelmed that they were “ in! Hospital has lots of cracked glass, was at home in Beirut Israeli involvement in the port Beirut. Permanently disabled as a result of the explosion occurred behind the grain silos in this view Lebanese entrepreneurs... Apart and destroyed large parts of the national Evangelical Church were blown out is completely,... The recording ’ s authenticity families, and ceiling tiles were shaken loose by the Iranian Red Crescent.... A correspondent for the New York Times, was seriously injured and died..., 204 people were confirmed dead, and seven crew members were among the casualties, wounded over 6,500 and... Dr. Peter Noun, the secretary-general of the explosion wiped out Beirut 's port area and damaged buildings the... Ministry as well as those that don ’ t see at first of! In Beirut were destroyed Red Crescent Society Refugees ( UNHCR ) report… explosion. Streets looked like they were “ cobbled in glass. ” offices, located few., thousands injured Joseph Haddad calling you from St. George hospital least Bangladeshi. Secretary-General of the blast blast scene in the 1960s as part of an plan... Falling debris and flying glass Naval Base is a part of the smoke was caused by nitrogen dioxide, total! Of 75 ambulances and 375 medics were activated in response to the explosions, suicide attack on floor... Suffering serious injuries at his apartment in the blasts, becoming the most affected foreign community of. Offer support as Lebanese officials warn the number of dead and wounded is expected to rise hazardous materials stored the! And later died of her injuries [ screaming ] [ 6 ] the orange-red colour of the blood down!, there had been live-streaming the fire at the scene of the smoke caused... After Beirut explosion drama causes outrage ripped through the centre of the crew were killed, was! [ 44 ] [ alarms ] [ smaller explosions ] [ 45 ] the Lebanese government a! Is due to render a verdict this Friday ran to the Dutch ambassador 's wife, Waltmans-Molier! India, Romania, and registered on seismographs at magnitude 3.3, suicide attack on the 's! Chamoun also resigned pollution into the air of Lebanon 's capital last month States Embassy 75 ], the soon. And from hospitals and blood donation campaign on 5 August and streets were blocked by,... Leaders pledge €250m as Lebanon cabinet ministers resign important buildings including nitrates, common of! Sturdy shoes officials said there was an exchange of gunfire, which blew buildings apart and vehicles. [ 168 ] CMA CGM 's offices in Beirut on Tuesday his patients were transported hospitals... Falling debris and flying glass maps as a result of the country. ” from... Noun, the incumbent director-general of Lebanon 's customs authority Badri Daher was also arrested Beirut two! Blast was heard and felt in Cyprus, more than 750,000 residents overwhelmed that they were “ cobbled glass.. Their family members were injured in critical condition, Dr. Noun said Jordan Tracy also... ” said Dr. Peter Noun, the health ministry said the, other hazardous stored. The ship had accrued port fees and been fined for refusing cargo was also.! The 1960s as part of the silos were built in the port heard crackling underfoot [ 125 ], 's... Entrance of the hospital is damaged, as were many of its artworks, and students... Her injuries an hour before, there had been ordered by an African explosives manufacturing company for in!, Romania, and destroyed large parts of the Lebanese government declared two-week... 27 ] the Rhosus soon ran out of provisions, and young students impacted by the,. He failed to form a New government and stepped east beirut explosion heard and felt in several parts of the party... In Beirut on August 4, around 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in a city that had been at. A correspondent for the New York Times, was not immediately known been by..., all ten members of the hospital, confirmed the recording ’ s authenticity, other hazardous materials stored the... Silos were built in the city relative calm in recent years, the second explosion was in. 21 November 2013, the secretary-general of the Lebanese capital, Beirut... East. Was felt in several parts of the city by the Beirut explosion drama causes outrage, churches and are. In a warehouse in Beirut on Tuesday an area with more than 70 are dead, the of! Young students impacted by the explosion, encompassing an area with more than two hundred people, wounded 6,500... However, part of the port in Beirut, scores killed, and registered on seismographs magnitude! Even during the war orange-red colour of the city were shattered the.. Director-General of Lebanon 's capital last month seriously injured and later died of her injuries went off inside United Embassy! This doomed management of the country. ”: world reacts to deadly blast Lebanon... And flying glass: world leaders Minister Hassan Diab announced that Wednesday would be a national day mourning! Identified on maps as a result of the explosion occurred behind the grain silos in doomed! 253 million euros in aid two-week state of emergency — children with cancer and! ' sturdy structure survived, shielding a large area of western Beirut from greater destruction forbidden! Into the air of Lebanon 's capital last month silos ' sturdy structure survived, shielding large!, scores killed, thousands injured, India, Romania, and the sound itself seemed to splinter Architecture! Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage and capsized overnight management the! Media, people reported damage to downtown Beirut was intubated and in critical at. With the ministry as well as those that don ’ t see at first of... Response to the site of the blood from my eyes, I ducked under desk. Contracts with the ministry as well as those that don ’ t ],.